Empath Fatigue- A Real Thing!

Hip, hip hooray!!  I am not lazy, anti-social, or depressed.  My exhaustion is real.  It comes from my ability to feel what those around me are feeling, pretty much all of the time.  It creates what I can only describe as a noise in my mind that sucks all the energy from my body and … Continue reading Empath Fatigue- A Real Thing!


My Anti-Bucket List

I'd like to start a new trend.  People often talk about their bucket list, but very few talk about what they don't want to do.  Living with ongoing health issues and  limited energy and focus after chemo, I have come to the realization that it is more important for me to not waste time and … Continue reading My Anti-Bucket List

The Covert Narcissist

As I learn more about the characteristics of Narcissists (narc's) I find I'm looking more carefully at the people in my life.  As I look I see several full blow narc's, the worse of which are the covert narcissists; the one's who swear they have only my best interest at heart.  Some examples of narcissistic … Continue reading The Covert Narcissist

My Dysfunctional Angels

The Battle of the Shame Angel versus the Self-Love Angel begins. Source: Shame vs. Self Love I've come to see my feelings of shame and my slowly growing self love as the good and bad angels sitting on each shoulder.  Unfortunately, the Shame Angel is much, much stronger then my Self-Love Angel. This was never … Continue reading My Dysfunctional Angels