What Did You Say?

My youngest son is studying Spanish, and complaining about it every step of the way. I don’t blame him. I think some people are hard wired to learn a second language and others not. He & I are in the not category. Helping him learn Spanish though, has led me to ponder English. I’ve heard … Continue reading What Did You Say?


Where Does all the Anger Go?

I am So, So Mad. I'm mad at my ex for reeling me in, taking me down, then leaving me. I'm mad at the stupid women who engaged my ex in his narcissistic need for constant esteem boosts, believing it was my fault our marriage sucked. I'm so mad at myself for believing it was … Continue reading Where Does all the Anger Go?

The Meaning Of Brave

One of my pet peeves of cancer, and a pet peeve of many cancer patients I know, is suddenly being told we are“brave”,  “courageous’, a “fighter” and even a “role model”.   Most other cancer patients I speak with despise these sentiments. It’s not like I Chose Cancer.  I didn’t sidled up to the take out … Continue reading The Meaning Of Brave

When Therapy Fails It’s Time to Bail

Lest I sound cavalier I’ll state for the record – I Never Wanted A Divorce. I wanted a healthy, happy, supportive, productive marriage. I got none of these. After a year and ½ of separation, even though we are no closer to divorce then we were a year ago, I have become an advocate of … Continue reading When Therapy Fails It’s Time to Bail

Stop With The Platitudes

Individuals in my situation, cancer “survivors”, or those going through divorce, are bombarded with Platitudes. These statements are uncomfortable at best, hurtful at worst. The reason for this is that a platitude “is a statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful” (dictionary.com) . In … Continue reading Stop With The Platitudes