Silver Linings of Cancer – Gratitude

It's hard to find the good in cancer, yet it is there.  While still in treatment I found it imperative to focus on the good, since treatment is pretty damn bad.  Here's what I came up with.  My top 10 silver linings  10.   No more bad hair days.  And, no need to shave! 9. … Continue reading Silver Linings of Cancer – Gratitude


Mind or Body? Connection in Yoga

Having already divulged my age I feel comfortable revealing that I was in college & graduate school in the early 1980’s, studying psychology.   I think it was the Star Wars movies, with the introduction of “The Force”, the knowledge that we only use 10% of our brain, and the plethora of  studies using biofeedback, that … Continue reading Mind or Body? Connection in Yoga

Inner Mean Girl versus Inner Nice Girl

One night I was watching tv with my 13 year old, and he was admiring his feet.   He said “my toes look like little people,  don’t they?   They are like plump, juicy little people”.   And they actually do!  I was jealous that he could like his feet at age 13.   At 13 I hated my … Continue reading Inner Mean Girl versus Inner Nice Girl

Old Me Versus New Me

Pre versus Post Cancer   I have often heard “cancer changed everything”.   I thought this was just one of those cliché’s we all hear, but is clearly an exaggeration.  I’ve been dealing with chronic, debilitating illness for 19 years,  so how could cancer change my perspective of my life?  Yet it did.  My life is … Continue reading Old Me Versus New Me

Savasana – My Nemisis

My Nemesis:   Savasana I feel so alone in my struggle with Savasana.  Article after article espouses the wonder of Savasana, the restorative, miraculous, healing nature of the pose.    I recently read that good Savasana is equivalent to a good desert at the end of the meal.  Being a huge fan of desert I have tried … Continue reading Savasana – My Nemisis